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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Coffin Syrup

Coffin Syrup
Warning: Consume at your own risk...
= for the sleep of a life time=
I just love Halloween!!!
I picked this coffin up at the local scrap store for 99cents.
I lined the inside of the coffin with some textured paper.
I painted the coffin gray and used my ink pad to rub over it.
I picked up the skeleton up at the dollar store and there was 4 of them.
I used some gauze to draped over the coffin.
I then cut out some vines and dressed it with some flowers
 and some pumpkins that I made with clay and painted them. 
I added the picture which if you hold it at an angle it turns into a skeleton, how cool.
And I added the tag.
Just thought I would have a little fun.
Just another angle of the coffin.
Thanks for looking....

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  1. This project is just unbelievably cool!! I love it!!